The LED Screen: Studio 02


We are thrilled to announce a game-changing addition to our creative arsenal. Studio 02 is now equipped with the Pixl Evolution 9×3.5m Super High-Resolution ROE Ruby LED Screen, redefining how visual stories are told.

The Pixl Evolution screen brings an exciting twist to the creative playground. Boasting Super High-Res 2.3mm pitch, this dynamic LED screen transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary canvases.

Your Imagination, Our Canvas:
The Pixl Evolution LED Screen is not just about technology; it is about fuelling imagination. From mixed media marvels to captivating digital backdrops, creators now have a versatile platform to give life to their ideas.

A Creative Odyssey:
We invite everyone to embark on a creative journey with the Pixl Evolution LED Screen.

It is not just about pixels; it is about exploring fresh perspectives and narratives.

Download the Studio 02 factsheet here.

Want to book the LED screen? Email [email protected]