Seasonal Update: Menu E

Set Catering Menu E

Introducing the new Menu E

The new dishes on Menu E are influenced by the flavours and colours of the mediterranean summer, and use the best of all the fresh produce coming into season throughout the summer.

The choices for meat mains start off with our take on an Spanish paella, using both chicken, chorizo and a mix of beans, topped with crispy tempura courgette flowers. We’ve also got Italian-style meatballs made the traditional way with pork and beef, served in a ragu which we slow-cook overnight. For main fish dish we rub a blackening spice on the tuna steaks, which are then pan-fried to medium rare, and served with a nice and light mango, chili and avocado salsa on top.

The Vegan option is always included, and our vegetable lasagne uses soy products instead of the dairy-derived butter and milk in the traditional bechamel. We’ve packed it with seasonal vegetables and opted for lasagne verdi sheets made with spinach rather than plain style ones, for an extra dimension of flavour and colour. 


For the sides, we’ve got a great selection of freshly made salads to choose from. Starting with grilled halloumi, which we mix with lots of ripe tomatoes and kalamata olives, then mix in ripped toasted Sourdough croutons -  making it almost like a panzanella.

Next is our Trofie pasta and pesto salad - this is a small thin twisted pasta which is traditionally handmade in the northern Italian region of Liguria, which is also home to pesto, so making them a perfect match! For extra flavour in this salad we’ve added truffle oil and rocket, and finished with flakes of parmesan. Pesto also features on another of our sides, this time made with Artichokes and a red pepper puree for the Artichoke and white bean salad, which we sprinkled with and smoked nuts and toasted almonds for extra crunch.

Our grain salad uses Farro - an ancient wholegrain most similar to pearl barley, though more nutty in flavour. We think it makes a great vehicle for all the flavours coming from the mixture of fresh and roasted vegetables in this salad. The last option is our favourite for summer – chargrilled squid with a raw salad. We also chargrill the lemon and squeeze the juice over to finish.



For dessert, choose from our strawberry Fraisier cake - a classic french dessert with a genoise sponge base, and filling of crème pâtissière which has fresh strawberries run through. Or for both a vegan and gluten-free option we have our passion slice - a set passion fruit cream on a nut and date base, topped with a tangy passionfruit sauce.


What’s in season:

Artichoke, Avocado, Courgette, Courgette flowers, Fennel, Peppers, Strawberries