Our Green Policy


Our Green Statement


We continually look for opportunities to move towards a more responsible and ethical approach to minimise our environmental impact. Here are some of our key policies & recent initiatives that we're proud of:


Big Sky's electricity KsHs are bought via Ecotricity, a green energy supplier who uses renewable energy from the wind and sun. Even better, Ecotricity also continually invest our energy bills into developing new sources of green energy.

On Set:

We do not use plastic bottles on set in Brewery Road and Omega Place. We supply our own filtered water in reusable glass bottles in our fridges.

On set we provide cutlery, mugs, plates for our catering to negate the waste generated by single use cutlery and tableware.

Electrical consumption can be difficult to manage on set when using flash or continuous lighting - our knowledgeable lighting team can advise on the latest LED or energy efficient technologies to help!

We provide takeaway boxes both in studio and on location  to help minimise food waste after shoots and encourage clients to take food home. These are made from Cornware, which is 100% biodegradable with a low carbon footprint. Our non-toxic boxes also release 68% less carbon dioxide when incinerated, and are even microwaveable and freezable - perfect for taking lunch home for dinner!

In the Kitchen:

Our kitchen food waste is collected by First Mile who ensure it goes to energy recovery facilities - reducing waste to landfill and our reliance on fossil fuels in power generation. The annual Co2e footprint of our kitchen food waste was the same as a 1,500 mile car drive - or the Co2e footprint of a family home for 1.7 years based on the methane output - but this is no longer the case!

Our catering team create seasonal menus and we source responsibly and locally as far as is possible - our eggs are free range, fish are MSC certified.

We can offer meat free menus and now include vegan options daily on our menus, as well as avoiding all products containing palm oil.

In the Cafe:

We serve our coffee in our Big Sky mugs - unless requested otherwise. We can provide Vegware biodegradable coffee cups upon request, which are made from plant-based PLA - not plastic!

All our cafe specials promote dairy alternatives to help cut down on our dairy consumption.

Our coffee is supplied by Matthew Algie whose beans are both ethically sourced, and sustainably produced.

Across our Business:

We prioritise working with like-minded suppliers whose mission is to provide the best goods and services in an environmentally conscious way. We actively seek to purchase and introduce new products and services which minimise the consumption of natural resources, and are as renewable as possible.

We have eliminated the use of plastic water bottles across our businesses. At Brewery Road and Omega Place, we only use glass water bottles that we refill ourselves in-house. On Location and at How's Street, we used canned water, which is fully recyclable.

Our stationery is sourced from Green Inc supplies who provide us with eco friendly products made from sustainable, non-toxic materials, and deliver in LPG vans.

The Big Sky set build team ensure that all mdf used is FCS certified - this means it is traced back to sustainable forestry. They recycle sets where possible. Our mdf waste is used for energy recovery.

For more information please talk to the team: production@bigskylondon.com