On Location Diaries: Farnborough, Kent

Big Sky on Location

Case Study: Givenchy Photoshoot, 25th - 27th of November, 2017

This three day fashion shoot was shot at a location house in Farnborough, Kent. We parked the Airstream at the front of the house which created a beautiful spectacle in front of the older house. With an early start on the Saturday we set-up to have breakfast ready for 09:30 a long with an additional barista coffee machine to keep the crew caffeinated throughout.  With weather hanging around 0 degrees a hot English breakfast served straight from the trailer helped to keep the team warm.

We served breakfast until 11:00 and started to prepare for lunch service with a full buffet for 50 people at 13:00. Across the three days for lunch we served the Healthy Grill with tender black garlic beef and herby mackerel, an eastern menu with seared and glazed tuna and Korean fried chicken, and the Low ‘n’ Slow menu with barbecued pork belly and jerk chicken. All menus were served with a vegetarian/vegan option with different salads, dips and desserts. Lunch was also served with different soups as a last minute request to keep the crew warm while shooting outside.

In addition to our usual service of breakfast and lunch we also served a light dinner at 17:30 with different options each night including hot toasted paninis cooked to order, quiches, Artisan charcuterie boards, cheese boards, pasta’s, dessert. Coffee was served up until 20:00 in the evening after half the crew returned to Big Sky to organise the next days menu. The barista remained on site to clear up following the dinner service and prepared for the following day.

It was also very important to our clients that we were being eco friendly throughout the shoot. This is also a part of our initiative to be green in studio and on location. With reusable cups for hot and cold drinks, biodegradable water bottles, american style reusable trays with biodegradable paper, cutlery from Cornware that breaks down, seperate bins for waste and recycling and a green gear generator to power our Airstream.

The production company were very happy with our service and ability to cater for different requirements!