Created on the Big Sky Roof


In anticipation of our brand new panormaic rooftop studio, we’re taking a look back at some of our favourite images that were created on the old Big Sky Roof.

Starting with one of the last shoots to happen on before the old roof closed! Cass Blackbird created these images of Cara and Adwoa for a Chaos 69 magazine cover editorial. Making the most of the golden hour light, Cara is pictured against our unmistakable skyline view, and in the second shot they both lay on the bare floor - which has now been replaced with our new (and more comfortable) decking.

Peter Lindbergh shot Dame Helen Mirren for the 2017 Pirelli Calendar. The natural light offered by the roof studio perfectly complemented the concept of that year’s calendar which featured black and white unretouched portraits of female actors, and was simply titled ‘Emotional'. From acting royalty to a member of the royal family - he returned to photograph Meghan Markle for Vanity Fair, creating these stunning images that featured alongside an article about her philanthropic work and burgeoning relationship with HRH Prince Harry. Using flats and a fabric floor covering, helps to soften the look of the roof and direct the unfiltered natural light. Our Set Build team are to provide flats for use on our roof in certain sizes to create a custom backdrop where needed.


Works created by Solve Sundsbo for Vogue, Nicolas Valois for M&S and Jem Mitchell for Wound Magazine give a good idea of what the old roof really used to look like! Having replaced the weathered railings and flooring we’ve created a more practical and robust space, providing a flexible canvas which comfortably suits a range of projects.


Going back to 2009, Pete Doherty burns guitars on our roof for images created for Shortlist magazine by Jude Edginton. An image of Pete lighting his cigarette made the cover of the magazine, and these images have since become some of the most iconic taken of the rockstar. They also show how a brooding sky can be used to great effect! So good to note that our roof will be open year-round, and in almost all weather conditions.


We can't wait to see what is going to be created on the new roof!