Big Sky on Location Menus

Big Sky On Location

Our Big Sky on Location catering team worked hard to put together portable menus which kept true to the Big Sky food ethos. Inspired by ’street’ style food, and our retro Airsteam trailer kitchen we’ve created our own brand of location catering that has a character all of its own.

So we wanted to do something a bit different to capture the look and feel of these menus, and who better than our talented team to put the creative brief out to.

The fun and stylish proposal put to us by Otto Master’s stood out as a great fit - combining the world of street food with the polished feel of a fashion editorial. He wrote: "Fashion photography is partly about dreaming about a different character you can become, and so we want the images to carry them away into this dreamland. A dreamland that follows with each bite of the tantalising food."

We are blown away with the results! You can meet our menus below, get in touch to invite us out on your next shoot. 

Huge thanks to the team: 
Photographer: @otto.masters
1st Assistant: @hristovphoto 2nd Assistant:  Digi: @stevenholmesphoto  Model: @nia_g_ Stylist:@laura.lorris  Food Styling:@bigskyonlocation  Hair Stylist: @toshinarikokubun MUA: @asukafukuda_mua  Eyewear: Thanks to @hookldn Shot in Space A, Post-Production: Big Sky PostKit: Big Sky Lighting & RAW

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