Spaces A, B & C

29-31 Brewery Rd, London N7 9QH
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32–55 sqm / 344-592 sqft

Providing flexible working areas suited to castings, meetings, private breakout, green room spaces or small scale shoots. Space A is the largest, with a small lounge area, as well as concrete and brick effect walls. Space B is ideal as a hair, makeup or dressing room. The smallest is Space C which can be set up for meetings and more.

Space A – 55 sqm / 592 sqft
Daylight windows
Concrete & brick effect walls
Space B – 44 sqm / 473 sqft
Hair and Makeup bench
Daylight Windows
Space C – 32 sqm / 344 sqft
Spaces 2D plan
  • Space A
    Total area: 55 sqm / 592 sqft
    Ceiling height: 3.7m - 2.6m (sloped)
    Lounge area: 3.5m x 4.7m
    5m x 7.2m 
  • Space B
    Total area: 44 sqm / 473 sqft
    Ceiling height: 3.7m - 2.6m (sloped)
    5.1 m x 8.8m 
  • Space C
    Total area: 32 sqm / 344 sqft
    Ceiling height: 3.3m
    4.9m x 6.8m 
    16ft x 22ft 

Total Area: 132–55 sqm / 344-592 sqft

Ceiling Height: 3.7m - 2.6m (sloped)

Power: 2 x 63 amp single phase outlets

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Booking enquiries

Thank you for your interest in Big Sky Studios. For studio bookings please email us or call our office on +44 (0)20 7619 6600. Alternatively, fill in the fields below and one of our producers will be in touch as soon as possible.

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